Mount Greylock

This weekend, we were driving home from our annual summer reunion in Albany, NY and decided for a quick “drive-by” at Mount Greylock.  The timing was good as Lydia was finishing up her summer reading, A Walk in the Woods, which crosses through the Mt. Greylock area on the Appalachian Trail.  What an amazing view.  So glad we drove up instead of hiking, and definitely impressed with the one-legged cyclist who biked up to the summit!

Patriot’s Training Camp

So it wouldn’t be New England if we didn’t have the Patriots!!  Now, Pats’ tickets are not only hard to come by but also not very cheap, so the next best thing is the preseason Pat’s Training Camps.  We’ve gone for the past three years, and LOVE seeing all our favorites practicing.  This year did not disappoint as we of course had Tom Brady and Jimmy Garapolo, but also Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Steven Gostkowski, and Danny Amendola to name a few of our favorites.  And extra fun to get autographs after the practice!



Franklin Park Zoo

It’s been awhile since we’ve gone to the zoo, since the girls were rather impatient when they were younger.  Now that they are teenagers though, they are much happier strolling through the zoo.  We bought a season pass so we can enjoy up with Zoo Lights in the winter months!!  We spent just as much time chasing butterflies and bees as we did with the larger animals!

Bare Cove Park

A quick local jaunt turned into a favorite.  This week we walked around Bare Cove Park, in Hingham, Massachusetts.  The girls talked about how they loved this “hike”, although to call it a hike would be rather misleading.  It’s a flat and straight paved bike path.  We took the out and back route to the harbor, and it was lovely and not remotely strenuous, or hike-like.

Second Beach, Newport Rhode Island

It’s hard to imagine a beach on July 4th weekend that not only has parking spaces, but allows bonfires, boats and booze (well, actually I think we only had 2 beers for 4 adults, but still).  In Massachusetts the beaches are ridiculously crowded and regulated, and getting from your car to your “spot” can be quite a trek.  Rhode Island, how beautiful!  And after we watched a beautiful sunset we were treated to firework shows in two or three different towns, all visible from our spot on the beach.

Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

We went this afternoon to walk through the Garden in the Woods, in Framingham Massachusetts.  There are many varied flowers throughout the walkway.  The walk was beautiful, although the girls were not interested in staying too long because they were overwhelmed with mosquitos.  So, take warning, bug spray would make the walk more enjoyable!!

Halibut State Park, Rockport, MA

What a gorgeous weekend for a trip to Halibut State Park. We visited here back in 2010 but neither of the girls remember the visit, so it was well worth a return trip.  Beautiful quarries, water views, stone sculptures, it had everything.


It’s always nice to visit some local haunts off-season, before the crowds!  We traveled to Beavertail State Park and then Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  I imagine this is a very busy place during the “in-season”.  The water was beautiful, the green almost looking like the Caribbean!

Fireworks Trail, Hanover MA

This weekend Lydia and I hiked on the Hanover Greenway, the Fireworks Trail.  It is a nice 3.2 mile trail, well maintained although at one point ran along a manufacturing plant, with a smell that wasn’t working well for our nature hike!  Beautiful day all around, and there was not a single soul out there hiking with us, which was surprising given that it was the first sunny day in awhile.

China 91 Reunion

We went this past week to our annual China 91 reunion, up in Laconia, NH.  I never tire of seeing this group of girls or families.  There was snow on the ground and ice on the lake, spring has not yet sprung in NH!