Blink Boston! or is it Boston Blink?

This week we went to Boston.  Boston is not one of those locations that can be summed up in one blog post, so I will be posting them event by event.  Tis the season, and Boston has decorated with millions of Christmas lights!  It’s Blink Boston….or perhaps Boston Blink.  It was surprisingly easy to navigate, especially considering it was a holiday weekend and fairly warm (47 degrees).  We parked in our new favorite parking area (Lewis Wharf in the North End), and walked over to Faneuil Hall.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Food was delicious and the lines, which looked long, were actually very quick!  We have more pictures of the girls than usual as I am working on my rear curtain sync skills, and while I have it down with the Canon, I apparently was doing something wrong with the Sony.  Oh, well, practice makes perfect!  We will just have to try again :-).

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