But we digress….

Ok, there is a reason we do not do Daytrips in the in the winter up here in New England.  Usually there is snow, often a lot of snow.  And mud.  And the skies are often very grey.  And the trees are barren and the grass is brown.  So we will take the next few months and we decided to digress!  Instead of weekly Daytrips of the area, we will visit new diners of New England each weekend, and the towns that host them.  We found a few “Best Diners of New England” posts and will visit as many as we can!

So, this weekend we went to Miss Florence’s Diner in Florence, MA.  We chose this diner because my dad grew up in Florence, and the diner has been there since he was 8 or 9 years old.  The food was very good, and the prices even better.  We managed to drive to the top of Mount Tom before we ate, and swung through Look Park after we ate, where I spent many childhood visits with my Grandparents in Northampton. It was a chilly 11 degrees out, so we were not very inspired to take many outdoor photos!



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