Colby Farms, Newbury, MA

In the late afternoon yesterday we took a ride up to Newbury, MA to visit the Colby Farm’s Sunflower Fields.  We arrived just an hour before closing, and there was little wait to park, and while we had a lot of company it was by no means overcrowded.  The same can’t be said for today, as the news stations are reporting a 40 minute wait to just pull into the parking lot.  So, yes, the last minute venture was a good plan!!  The sunflowers were peak and the photographers were out everywhere.

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Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

We went this afternoon to walk through the Garden in the Woods, in Framingham Massachusetts.  There are many varied flowers throughout the walkway.  The walk was beautiful, although the girls were not interested in staying too long because they were overwhelmed with mosquitos.  So, take warning, bug spray would make the walk more enjoyable!!

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Magic Wings, Butterfly Conservatory in Deerfield, MA

So, in just 5 days we leave for our Bermuda cruise.  I’ve worked 7 out of the last 8 weekends to make sure I am paid for said vacation.  Thus, our roadtrip this week consisted of going into the dark hallows of the basement in search of luggage.  And Work.  So I’m going to post about a daytrip we took last February (2015) to the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, located in Deerfield, MA.  It was well worth the very slippery and icy drive to get there!!  Here are some shots from that trip:

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend: Shelburne Falls, MA

Well, the weather is predicted to deteriorate fairly quickly over the weekend, so we took advantage of Saturday morning’s sun and headed out early.  I read about a Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA, so we headed out.  We were familiar with the route as it is very close to the VT/NY borders and we’ve traveled this way many times before.  While we all agreed that the bridge was a bit smaller than we anticipated, it was beautiful nevertheless.  We also took advantage of the area and saw the Glacier Potholes, otherwise knows as Salmon Falls.

Shelburne Falls, MA

We drove past Turner’s Falls and the beautiful French King Bridge on our way home.  While it was a ridiculously hot day for May (97-101 degrees), the sunshine held out.


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