It’s always nice to visit some local haunts off-season, before the crowds!  We traveled to Beavertail State Park and then Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  I imagine this is a very busy place during the “in-season”.  The water was beautiful, the green almost looking like the Caribbean!

Scituate Lighthouse

I visit the Scituate Lighthouse often, in all seasons, at sunrise and sunset.  But my favorite (and the favorite for many) is at moonrise!!  Here is a collection of photos from the Scituate Lighthouse.  I’m sure I’ll be back!

Nubble Light, York, Maine

One of our favorite places to visit is Nubble Light in York, ME.  It’s a beautiful (although crowded) location to catch the rise of a full moon!  We’ve traveled there many times, including this weekend where the puffy clouds added to the photos!  And you can’t go wrong with lunch at Fox’s Lobster House!  Here are some photos from today’s trip as well as past trips, including full moons and Christmas Lights:

Fort Revere, Hull, MA

Well, this weekend has been a bust.  Between Lydia’s 9 hour track meet (for her 14 second running event), and the rain predicted on Sunday, we did not plan any road trips.  I’ll share with you some photos of one of our favorite local spots, Fort Revere in Hull.  It is an old Fort, now used for graffiti artists, party goers, and has one of the best views of Boston Harbor and the Boston Light and Graves Light!

Fort Revere, Hull MA

Days 1: A Do-Over from January 1st.

At last, I seem to be back up and running.  I started this blog yesterday, New Year’s Day, as a 365 day Photo Blog.  Unfortunately, the original post went haywire, and after technical difficulties I deleted it and started over today.

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate my gratitude, an idea stolen from another photo blogger.  And what better way to celebrate gratitude than with photos.  Besides my two daughters and pup, there is nothing I love more than taking photos, and this project for 2015 will help me improve my skills.


Yesterday, we went to York, ME to take pictures of Nubble Light!!  We love Nubble Lighthouse, especially when the Christmas lights are lit!!

Nubble Light

I also didn’t count on seeing such a beautiful sunset, as sunsets are hard to come by on the East Coast.  We typically get the sunrises, and I typically am challenged at getting up early enough to see sunrises.

Sunset York ME


Today (well, technically yesterday) I am grateful for the beauty of the coast, lighthouses and sunsets!

Happy 2015!