Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

We went this afternoon to walk through the Garden in the Woods, in Framingham Massachusetts.  There are many varied flowers throughout the walkway.  The walk was beautiful, although the girls were not interested in staying too long because they were overwhelmed with mosquitos.  So, take warning, bug spray would make the walk more enjoyable!!

Halibut State Park, Rockport, MA

What a gorgeous weekend for a trip to Halibut State Park. We visited here back in 2010 but neither of the girls remember the visit, so it was well worth a return trip.  Beautiful quarries, water views, stone sculptures, it had everything.

Fireworks Trail, Hanover MA

This weekend Lydia and I hiked on the Hanover Greenway, the Fireworks Trail.  It is a nice 3.2 mile trail, well maintained although at one point ran along a manufacturing plant, with a smell that wasn’t working well for our nature hike!  Beautiful day all around, and there was not a single soul out there hiking with us, which was surprising given that it was the first sunny day in awhile.

Norris Reservation

Norris Reservation in Norwell is another hike we take often, it is beautiful regardless of the season.

Scituate Lighthouse

I visit the Scituate Lighthouse often, in all seasons, at sunrise and sunset.  But my favorite (and the favorite for many) is at moonrise!!  Here is a collection of photos from the Scituate Lighthouse.  I’m sure I’ll be back!

Marina Bay

This weekend, Lydia and I headed to Marina Bay in Quincy (Lieren was at a school activity).  I worked in Marina Bay many years ago, and remember it for being chic, upcoming and having great views of Boston.  It was cold, and much more developed than I remember.  There were still great views of Boston, but overwhelmed by construction, high-rises and boats.  Disappointing in general as nothing was open (and it didn’t appear to be much to be open), but it was nice to see some roses blooming in spite of the December cold!

Blink Boston! or is it Boston Blink?

This week we went to Boston.  Boston is not one of those locations that can be summed up in one blog post, so I will be posting them event by event.  Tis the season, and Boston has decorated with millions of Christmas lights!  It’s Blink Boston….or perhaps Boston Blink.  It was surprisingly easy to navigate, especially considering it was a holiday weekend and fairly warm (47 degrees).  We parked in our new favorite parking area (Lewis Wharf in the North End), and walked over to Faneuil Hall.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Food was delicious and the lines, which looked long, were actually very quick!  We have more pictures of the girls than usual as I am working on my rear curtain sync skills, and while I have it down with the Canon, I apparently was doing something wrong with the Sony.  Oh, well, practice makes perfect!  We will just have to try again :-).

Apple Picking at Honey Pot Orchards

Last month we headed out for our annual apple picking excursion.  We returned to Honey Pot Orchards in Stow, MA, after applepicking in New Hampshire last year.  It wasn’t the best of days but the rain held off until we left!  We have learned two things in the past several years of applepicking:  to arrive as the orchard is opening to avoid the massive crowds, and the line for the cider donuts is ALWAYS very long, but usually worth the wait!

The Head of the Weir

Today’s post isn’t so much about a place as it is an event.  Lieren participated in the Weir River Race, a five mile rowing race in Hull, MA, otherwise known as “The Head of the Weir”.  It was truly a joy to watch, as over 70 boats of all types (as long as they were human propelled) set off in 30 seconds intervals!  The boats start in the Weir River, and pass out into the ocean by World’s End.  I went to Sunset Point in Hull to catch them mid-race, and then down towards the Hull HS for the finish.  I was proud of Lieren and her crew who came in ninth after a seat change mid-course and being some of the smallest rowers in the crowd!

The Infamous Walden Pond

Now, I have been to Walden Pond in the past.  In fact I swam across it on a few occasions to prepare for triathlons.  However, I was not prepared for the modernization of Walden Pond!!  It is like a city, with massive parking lots and crowds you’d expect to see on a street in NYC!  You can even shop at Walden Pond now!!  I feel like Thoreau would run fast and furious from this, dare I say it, “tourist trap”.  We literally had to endure pedestrian traffic jams, with people dragging strollers through the wooded paths and take photos on 12 inch iPads.  Seriously, who hikes with large iPads?  However, the pond was pretty, but with the recent changes I’m not likely to return, it has lost it’s appeal!  The huge neon sign directing traffic should have tipped me off!