Red Arrow Dinah and Dorr’s Pond Park, Manchester, NH

This week the diner we chose was the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH.  It is rich in history as many presidential candidates have eaten here while campaigning, so we were grateful to come outside of the political season.  The Diner, or “Dinah” is clearly very popular, as there was a line (albeit short) the whole time we were there.  Lydia ordered the “Queen Dinah” breakfast, which was served on two plates.  The food was absolutely delicious, perfect and fresh and generous.  The girls preferred the atmosphere of Miss Flo’s last week, but honestly the food here was better, and perhaps if we had visited at 3pm instead of 11am it might have been quieter!

As usual, we looked for a short hike or activity, and found the nearby Dorr’s Pond Park.  A short 1 mile hike felt much longer as the first 1/3 mile was a complete sheet of ice.  Pretty nevertheless, and I’m sure it is even prettier in any month other than January!


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Canobie Lake Scream Fest!

It was actually a coincidence that we went to Canobie Lake on the opening day of Scream Fest!  We were actually just going to meet up with Lieren’s China 106 travel group.  We arrived in the late afternoon, and the weather and company could not have been better.  Considering the beautiful night and the opening night of Screamfest, I did not find it crowded at all, and we had little to no wait on all rides.  It was a beautiful night all around!!  So happy to have other girls for Lieren to go on rides with, since Lydia and I like to keep more to the mild rides!

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Mt. Uncanoonuc, New Hampshire

A few weeks ago we traveled to Mt. Uncanoonuc, New Hampshire.  We were looking for foliage, and found that the leaves had not yet turned in NH, but we hiked this “short” trail regardless.  The kind strangers we met told us it was a 40 minute hike to the summit, and they waited for us at each turn and twist in the path, thank goodness.  This was a short hike, but likely the most treacherous hike we’ve taken.  Straight up, on very rocky paths!  Probably no big deal for many experienced hikers, but since I’m out of shape these days, Lydia was nursing a running injury and Lieren was walking locked knees due to a gymnastics injury, we certainly struggled.  But it was well worth it once we got to the top!!

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