Jigger’s Hill and Diner Restaurant

Yes, we missed last week, the flu hit us hard!  We are back to exploring New England Diners this weekend, though.

Since we had a funeral this morning in North Kingston, RI, so we were happy to hit one of our diners on the way home.  We stopped at the Jigger’s Hill Diner and Restaurant in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.  After a brief wait, we were seated in a quaint diner environment.  We all ordered breakfast, I chose the Raspberry Creme French Toast, and it tasted remarkably like the raspberry turnovers with hard sauce we used to make many years ago for a dessert.  Even I couldn’t finish the entire serving.  The food was delicious, and the timing was perfect as the diner closes in two days for renovations!

Second Beach, Newport Rhode Island

It’s hard to imagine a beach on July 4th weekend that not only has parking spaces, but allows bonfires, boats and booze (well, actually I think we only had 2 beers for 4 adults, but still).  In Massachusetts the beaches are ridiculously crowded and regulated, and getting from your car to your “spot” can be quite a trek.  Rhode Island, how beautiful!  And after we watched a beautiful sunset we were treated to firework shows in two or three different towns, all visible from our spot on the beach.


It’s always nice to visit some local haunts off-season, before the crowds!  We traveled to Beavertail State Park and then Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  I imagine this is a very busy place during the “in-season”.  The water was beautiful, the green almost looking like the Caribbean!

Newport Cliff Walk

Today we headed to Newport to walk the cliff walk.  We decided we would do the mansions another day.  It was a warm day for April, and there was a lot of people enjoying the view.  Unfortunately, the daffodils were about a week or so beyond peak!