Hull Summer Nights

Well, somewhere along the line during the summer, we realized that we lived so close to paradise we really needed to take advantage.  Just a short drive to Hull and Nantasket Beach, my favorite beach as I used to live a block away for 7 years before kids!!  The sunsets are beautiful, the carnival comes twice a summer, sunrise and moonrise never disappoint, and spending every Sunday night at the beach gave us such a sense of gratitude for what we have right near by.

Second Beach, Newport Rhode Island

It’s hard to imagine a beach on July 4th weekend that not only has parking spaces, but allows bonfires, boats and booze (well, actually I think we only had 2 beers for 4 adults, but still).  In Massachusetts the beaches are ridiculously crowded and regulated, and getting from your car to your “spot” can be quite a trek.  Rhode Island, how beautiful!  And after we watched a beautiful sunset we were treated to firework shows in two or three different towns, all visible from our spot on the beach.

Vanderbilt Beach, Naples FL

Ok, not in the New England area, but it is January, and we just returned from vacationing in Florida, so the next several weeks will feature some sites we visited while on vacation.  So, take a break from the dreary and gray New England skies for some warm locations.  Here are some sunset pictures taken at Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, FL.

Sagamore Bridge at Sunset


It is getting harder and harder to find quality day trips in our dwindling weekend time, now that Lieren is working on Saturdays and takes a class on Sunday mornings.  This weekend we took the dogs for a quick jaunt to the Cape Cod canal to catch the sunset.  It was stunning!!

World’s End, Hingham, MA

One of our favorite hiking spots.  We’ve seen beautiful deer, birds, horses and butterflies.  Walking, jogging and biking are all acceptable.  It’s a great place to walk the dogs, just be sure to bring water for them to drink on hot days!  There is a small parking fee, or you can purchase a very reasonable annual pass for the Trustees of the Reservation, which is what we’ve done.

We’ve visited often, and it is one of the best places for the sunset if you don’t mind parking outside the gate and walking in (or risk having your car behind the gate when they close at dusk).  Here’s a selection of various photos during our trips to World’s End: