Great Esker Park

Great Esker Park is one of those parks that is very nearby, and frequently pops up when we are googling “hikes near us” but we hesitated going to it because it never seemed that interesting.  Being short on time today was the day we chose to check out this hike.  Well, I was not wrong.  It was not very interesting.  In fact, it was a little depressing.  Early winter is never a very colorful time to go out, but I think the trash everywhere certainly did not help (as shown in one photo, which was fairly typical of the view).  The parking near the Lowe’s parking lot gave us easy access, but also became part of our view.  The loop includes some nice hills, so it would be a great place for a run (I’m not sure of how safe it might be if you are alone). But for a scenic view, it was disappointing.

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