Pudding Hill, Marshfield, MA

Well, you can’t win them all.  I had seen a post on facebook about someone’s newest favorite hiking location, so we knew where we would be headed.  We looked up the Wildlands Trust, and the two locations in Marshfield were Pudding Hill and Phillips Farm Preservation.  We chose the Pudding Hill location because of the pond.  We drove by it the first time, and found there were just two parking spaces.  No one else was there, which was surprising because it was Labor Day weekend and the perfect weather (although not very sunny).  Honestly, it was a little boring.  Just a path in the woods, a path by a small pond.  Regardless, it was one we have now logged for the books.  We did try the second location, Phillips Farm, on our way home, although there was no parking that we could find.  Perhaps on another day.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

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