Salem MA

Today we decided to walk around Salem, MA.  We had gone several years ago, days before Lydia’s leukemia diagnosis.  Needless to say, she was too sick (unbeknownst to me) to allow us to see much.  What a charming city to walk around in, bustling with activity and tourists!  Next time we have to leave enough time to see the Chinese House Exhibit at the Peabody Museum.  Salem struck me as a great place to retire to, lots of foot traffic, a great walking city.






Later, we drove to Marblehead to take the scenic drive.  To be honest, I was less impressed with Marblehead than I expected, especially after hearing for years about this gem of the North Shore.  But as fascinated as I am by lighthouses, I did have to take a quick picture of Marblehead Light.


I’m glad we added Marblehead onto our tour, but certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to venture back there!

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