The Infamous Walden Pond

Now, I have been to Walden Pond in the past.  In fact I swam across it on a few occasions to prepare for triathlons.  However, I was not prepared for the modernization of Walden Pond!!  It is like a city, with massive parking lots and crowds you’d expect to see on a street in NYC!  You can even shop at Walden Pond now!!  I feel like Thoreau would run fast and furious from this, dare I say it, “tourist trap”.  We literally had to endure pedestrian traffic jams, with people dragging strollers through the wooded paths and take photos on 12 inch iPads.  Seriously, who hikes with large iPads?  However, the pond was pretty, but with the recent changes I’m not likely to return, it has lost it’s appeal!  The huge neon sign directing traffic should have tipped me off!

Ames Nowell State Park, Abington, MA

I used to drive past a beautiful reservoir on my way to Stoughton last year, and always wanted to visit the area for a hike.  I searched on my Alltrails app, and believed it was the Ames Nowell State Park, in Abington.  Clearly, it was not the place I drove past (I’ll find that another week, I am determined), but it was absolutely beautiful in it’s own right.  Beautiful and uncrowded hiking trail, and beautiful weather!