The Head of the Weir

Today’s post isn’t so much about a place as it is an event.  Lieren participated in the Weir River Race, a five mile rowing race in Hull, MA, otherwise known as “The Head of the Weir”.  It was truly a joy to watch, as over 70 boats of all types (as long as they were human propelled) set off in 30 seconds intervals!  The boats start in the Weir River, and pass out into the ocean by World’s End.  I went to Sunset Point in Hull to catch them mid-race, and then down towards the Hull HS for the finish.  I was proud of Lieren and her crew who came in ninth after a seat change mid-course and being some of the smallest rowers in the crowd!

Summer Carnival

This weekend’s post is dedicated to the local town (traveling) carnivals.  This carnival was in Hull, MA, but they pop up all summer in towns all around us.  Nothing says summer quite like an evening carnival!

Fort Revere, Hull, MA

Well, this weekend has been a bust.  Between Lydia’s 9 hour track meet (for her 14 second running event), and the rain predicted on Sunday, we did not plan any road trips.  I’ll share with you some photos of one of our favorite local spots, Fort Revere in Hull.  It is an old Fort, now used for graffiti artists, party goers, and has one of the best views of Boston Harbor and the Boston Light and Graves Light!

Fort Revere, Hull MA