Broadmoor Wildlife Sancuary, Natick, MA

Well, we almost didn’t go anywhere this weekend as we were conserving gas money.  But we got bored by Sunday, so we headed to an Audubon location close to home.  With a late start, it was so warm we struggled to finish the brief walk.  The turtles were out everywhere, and the drought made for some swampy waterways!  Every weekend has offered picture perfect weather during this drought!

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World’s End, Hingham, MA

One of our favorite hiking spots.  We’ve seen beautiful deer, birds, horses and butterflies.  Walking, jogging and biking are all acceptable.  It’s a great place to walk the dogs, just be sure to bring water for them to drink on hot days!  There is a small parking fee, or you can purchase a very reasonable annual pass for the Trustees of the Reservation, which is what we’ve done.

We’ve visited often, and it is one of the best places for the sunset if you don’t mind parking outside the gate and walking in (or risk having your car behind the gate when they close at dusk).  Here’s a selection of various photos during our trips to World’s End:

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Wellfleet Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

This weekend, the weather was superb.  It was the first time the temp reached the 70’s this year, the sun was shining (actually a little too brightly for many photos), and the colors were alive.  We traveled to the Wellfleet Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and walked around Goose Pond Trail and took the boardwalk out to the Bay.  It was beautiful.  Since we are still 2 weeks before Memorial Day, it was not too busy.  We also hit the trail at nearly low tide, so we were able to travel the entire route to the Bay, and only were challenged with one shallow puddle and lots (and lots) of crabs!!

We decided since we had come this far that we would go to Provincetown for lunch.  Because the Ragnar Relay was finishing in PTown, the wait for lunch was extreme!!  But it was a great lunch, nevertheless!

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North Marsh Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Duxbury, MA

This weekend, the weather was against us.  We had grey skies and intermittent rain, so we didn’t travel far.  Sunday morning we went to the Duxbury Wildlife Sanctuary at North Marsh Hill.  It was a beautiful place to hike, easy and clearly marked.  We brought both dogs, although I will mention the ticks were out in full force and we had to bathe and brush both pups when we got home to search for ticks.

And it was a very Happy Mother’s Day, as we made memories!


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