Vanderbilt Beach, Naples FL

Ok, not in the New England area, but it is January, and we just returned from vacationing in Florida, so the next several weeks will feature some sites we visited while on vacation.  So, take a break from the dreary and gray New England skies for some warm locations.  Here are some sunset pictures taken at Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, FL.

Sagamore Bridge at Sunset


It is getting harder and harder to find quality day trips in our dwindling weekend time, now that Lieren is working on Saturdays and takes a class on Sunday mornings.  This weekend we took the dogs for a quick jaunt to the Cape Cod canal to catch the sunset.  It was stunning!!

Webb’s Park in Weymouth

Two years ago, Lydia and I discovered a little park (while Lieren was at the gym, it is Webb’s Park in Weymouth) that quickly became our favorite place to watch the sunset.  I imagine it also has a beautiful sunrise, but we’ve never tried.  We return here several times a year and are never disappointed!!

Gunrock Sunset

One of my favorite local places is Hull, MA.  I bought my first home in Hull and love the beaches, sunsets, and sunrises.  There are only a few weekends a year where the sun hits the beach in the right spot for a good sunset photo, late April/early May.  I love the dreamy look of sunsets and silhouettes!