Naples Botanical Garden Light Show

Well, this will be the final Florida post before we venture back to New England daytrips and jaunts.  Our last night in Naples we visited the Botanical Garden for the annual light show.  It was better than we hoped for, a beautiful exhibit that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciate.  There were a lot of mosquitos, although as usual they really only bothered the girls and not me.

Collier County Park

We enjoyed the boardwalk, nature walk at the Collier County Park, in North Naples, FL.

Farewell to our Bermuda Cruise!

To say the water was breathtaking is an understatement.  It was beyond words, just magical.  And the company was superb, as this cruise was a reunion for our China Travel group, from my daughter’s adoption 14 years ago!  The trip brought such joy!

Bermuda, Here We Come

Ok, not exactly a New England destination, but a Bermuda cruise originates in New England (Boston) and was our first real vacation in a few years.  So this week and next I will post some photos from our Bermuda visit, and when we return we will resume our New England daytripping!