Clam Pass Beach, Naples

It was our final beach day, and there was no parking at Lowdermilk Beach, our first choice, so we went to Clam Pass Beach instead.  It wasn’t my mother’s first choice as there was an $8 parking fee, but it was well worth it, and I now have a new favorite beach in Naples.  It was very crowded, but the water was beautiful, the food for lunch was great, and the ride over on the tram was very efficient.  Many people were walking to the beach on the boardwalk (I’m guessing maybe a kilometer?), but I can’t recommend this as there were spiders and spiderwebs EVERY where.  Look up, look right, look left, the whole ride out to the beach was through a maze of webs covered with spiders.  I was grateful for the roof on the tram ride.

Vanderbilt Beach, Naples FL

Ok, not in the New England area, but it is January, and we just returned from vacationing in Florida, so the next several weeks will feature some sites we visited while on vacation.  So, take a break from the dreary and gray New England skies for some warm locations.  Here are some sunset pictures taken at Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, FL.

Castle Island, South Boston

What a beautiful place to take a stroll, or walk the dogs, or take a jog, or sit by the beach or under a tree!  A beautiful view of the Boston Skyline, with (loud) planes flying low overhead!

Providence Water Fire!

We knew little about the Providence Waterfire, which is held several Saturday evenings in spring, summer and fall.  We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the event was.  The photos show a large crowd, although parking was easy and it was never too crowded to see well along the entire route!  Definitely a “do not miss” event.

Ames Nowell State Park, Abington, MA

I used to drive past a beautiful reservoir on my way to Stoughton last year, and always wanted to visit the area for a hike.  I searched on my Alltrails app, and believed it was the Ames Nowell State Park, in Abington.  Clearly, it was not the place I drove past (I’ll find that another week, I am determined), but it was absolutely beautiful in it’s own right.  Beautiful and uncrowded hiking trail, and beautiful weather!

Bermuda, Here We Come

Ok, not exactly a New England destination, but a Bermuda cruise originates in New England (Boston) and was our first real vacation in a few years.  So this week and next I will post some photos from our Bermuda visit, and when we return we will resume our New England daytripping!

World’s End, Hingham, MA

One of our favorite hiking spots.  We’ve seen beautiful deer, birds, horses and butterflies.  Walking, jogging and biking are all acceptable.  It’s a great place to walk the dogs, just be sure to bring water for them to drink on hot days!  There is a small parking fee, or you can purchase a very reasonable annual pass for the Trustees of the Reservation, which is what we’ve done.

We’ve visited often, and it is one of the best places for the sunset if you don’t mind parking outside the gate and walking in (or risk having your car behind the gate when they close at dusk).  Here’s a selection of various photos during our trips to World’s End:

Wellfleet Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

This weekend, the weather was superb.  It was the first time the temp reached the 70’s this year, the sun was shining (actually a little too brightly for many photos), and the colors were alive.  We traveled to the Wellfleet Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and walked around Goose Pond Trail and took the boardwalk out to the Bay.  It was beautiful.  Since we are still 2 weeks before Memorial Day, it was not too busy.  We also hit the trail at nearly low tide, so we were able to travel the entire route to the Bay, and only were challenged with one shallow puddle and lots (and lots) of crabs!!

We decided since we had come this far that we would go to Provincetown for lunch.  Because the Ragnar Relay was finishing in PTown, the wait for lunch was extreme!!  But it was a great lunch, nevertheless!