Why I have a bucket list of Day Trips in the Northeast!

The winter of 2015 broke my spirit. Seven feet of snow in two weeks, and over ten feet in two months. If I could have moved to Florida immediately, I would have. I tried to convince my daughters. But having lived in the same town since preschool, it seemed like a bad decision to move right before high school. So we find ourselves with a little over four years to go before we relocate to warmer climates. Which brings me to my northeast bucket list. I want to share all that I love about the extended New England area with my two daughters in the next four years. And to photograph some of our excursions and document them here. So this is my blog. It represents my bucket list of New England (plus some) day trips and adventures before we move.

My gratitude blog, which was originally located here (the first five months are below) can be viewed at www.lauravigneau.com\blog.

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